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    The combination of ENTREPRENEUR TRAINING, SWIMMING, Photography, Trips, Agriculture, Yoga, Video games and ARCHERY.

Our Children, Our School, Our Future

We are a school built on the fact that our children are BORN BRILLIANT. Our program focuses on the development of imagination, creativity, leadership and excellence in industry. We aim to inspire life long learners and individuals. One of the most sacred duties of any community, is to advance the interest of its youth. The answers to tomorrows questions live in the imagination of our children today.

The Harriet Tubman School For Leadership and Enterprise does not discriminate against students, staff and the remainder of the global community on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, disability or national origin.

Our Children, Our School, Our Future

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Freedom to Be

Our afterschool program that's so much more than homework help.

Archery for Success

Helps its participants take aim at their goals, shoot for them and, make adjustments until they hit a bullseye.

S.O.L.E Journey

A student driven research exercise that develops and reenforces skills in problem solving, collaboration and, leadership.

AYA Institute

AYA Educational Institute is a research, educational, and consultative resource with more than seventeen years of experience.

Leadership Summer Camp

The combination of ENTREPRENEUR TRAINING, SWIMMING, Photography, Trips, Agriculture, Yoga, Video games and ARCHERY.

Born Brilliant Financial

We break down the origin and types of money. We examine banking, currencies, real estate, stocks investing, credit and much more.

Steven Paul

Art Director

The creator and founder of Melanin Heroes.

Jerome Oliver

Facilities Manager

The youngest member of the HTSLE team, Mr. Oliver’s passion and determination in community activism have led him on a journey across the country.


Zaire Love


Media and marketing Specialist, Zaire Love hails from Memphis, Tennessee. Ms. Love’s passions includes poetry, writing and singing.

“Lets make Life what it is intended to be…” -Z. Love

kazemde Ajamu

Cheif Mediator & Village Ambassdor

Community Activist, a visionary and Founder of the “Think Black…Its Okay” brand, Kazemde Ajamu is a leader by heart and a salesman by nature. Mr. Ajamu comes from a sales and marketing background in the mortgage banking and automotive industry; now he is a permanent fixture in the HTSLE family.  Mr. Ajamu began his own internet radio program, “The Urban Politician Show” in 2013. Kazemde’s publication of “Think Black It’s Okay-The Manifesto” soon followed in 2014. Kazemde now makes public appearances and talks with young people about the importance of education, respect for their elders and making a difference in life.

“Think Black…It’s Okay”-K. Ajamu


Curriculum and Funding Liason
Kim Green earned her B.A. in English and Secondary Education from Claflin University (2004) and her Ph.D. in English from Emory University (2010).  She was Assistant Professor of English in the Department of Humanities at Alabama State University during the 2010-2011 academic year.  She is currently Assistant Professor of English in the Department of English at Claflin University.   Dr. Green’s research and teaching interests include African American and African Canadian literatures.
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
–Nelson Mandela

Vincent LaMotte

Chief Media Officer

A Los Angeles native, Vincent roots run deep in the film industry. Mr. LaMotte is the grandson of the late Earl “Jolly” Brown who appeared in the 1973 Guy Hamilton James Bond film “Live and Let Die,”. With a few short films and music videos under his belt, Vincent feels that now is his time to make his mark in the entertainment industry. His latest venture, the web series entitled, “The Rapper” tackles many of the socio-economical and cultural plights that plague our black communities today. Mr. Lamotte looks forward to having a cultural impact on mainstream media by supporting the HTSLE through various workshops and filming opportunities to its students.

“I rather change the world, than be changed by the world,” – V. LaMotte

Nia Harper

Corporate and Community Outreach Coordinator

Nia Harper is an expert in Strategic Business Operations and Human Resources. She has more than
10 years of experience in job creation, career and business development. Ms. Harper has worked in both the
private and public sectors including the federal government, law firms, university systems, and large
non-profit organizations. The culmination of all of her experience, talents, formal
training, and her passion has led her to utilize New Paradigm Workforce Solutions as the umbrella
company that supports the economic development of communities, strategic growth of small businesses
and provides training and career opportunities while encouraging entrepreneurship of individuals.

“As a board member of the Harriet Tubman School for Leadership and Enterprise, my intention is to advance and empower all African people in my her reach.” -N. Harper

Brittney LaMotte-Prince

Programs and Events Manager

As an artist, writer, mother, and activist Brittney Prince has chosen to dedicate her gifts and talents to the service of her community. She has written many stories and poems that speak on the plight of the African American community. Through her artistic means, Brittney has creatively expressed inspiring affirmations to help others discover the power that resides inside of them. Brittney is happy to be apart of the HTSLE and the legacy that it will leave behind for the next generations.

“I am because we are.”-Unbuntu


Co-Founder, Archery Coach

Coach, Author and Co-Founder of the HTSLE.

“We will nurture our women and advance our children.  Our children are born brilliant. It is our duty to make sure they discover their genius”


Teacher, Co-Founder

Father, Imagination Activist, Master Student and Co-Founder of the HTSLE.

“Our Children are born with infinite potential.  They are unique and they all come with answers. Our children are wonderful and have the potential to change the world.  It is my goal by way of the Harriet Tubman School for Leadership and Enterprise to provide them with an environment that allows them the freedom and guidance to be all they can be.  My idea on how to do this took years to develop.  Only to then realize that it is the ideas of our children that we should be most concerned with.”

  • “Our children are born brilliant.”

  • “Our Children are born with infinite potential.”