In the day, we are a homeschool cooperative and in the afternoon we are offer after school activities. While  all the many benefits of Homeschooling students has been well documented there are challenges.  The two most prominent challenges are limited socialization and the requirement of a dedicated full time instructor. HTSLE has answered these challenges. We have partnered with AYA Institute and Georgia Cyber Academy in our endeavors.  The HTSLE will provide learning coaches to aid students and keep them engaged. Students will have access to mac computers, photography equipment, and audio recording equipment as well as training in the use of these items. We will partner with community businesses to give participants the opportunity to intern and gain exposure to various community businesses.

  • We will give the students a interactive tech-enabled environment in which to study.
  • Students will receive training and gain experience using multi-media equipment.
  • Students will have the opportunity to utilize a customized learning program along with their peers.